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A few words from my colleagues.

Jess is a thoughtful and talented creative, with excellent concepting and copywriting skills. She is committed to delivering excellent work and holds herself to a high performance standard. Consumer brands who want to grow and develop their brand would be lucky to have her.
— Anthony Marino, Chief Marketing Officer at thredUP
Jess is a tremendous tour de force of talent. I had the pleasure of managing her where she was able to not only deliver a much more compelling tone upgrade but an efficient way of approaching brand development. She thinks strategically, she pushes the norm, and whatever she touches—adds a spark. She is a thoughtful manager who cares so much about her team and also doing good work. For this, and so much more, I’m so grateful that we were able to work alongside each other. I look forward to all the great things she will be doing in the future!
— Judee Karson, previously VP Creative Director at thredUP
Anyone who has worked with Jess knows that she is a consummate professional and is exceptionally passionate about her craft. Jess draws from her endless curiosity and an enriched variety of perspectives, and her work is characterized by a deep intelligence because of it. Her ability to keenly grasp both the overarching visions as well as the minute details allow her to consistently deliver thoughtful, elegant and thoroughly meaningful solutions. Jess is a joy to work with and an automatic recommendation for any team.
— L.A. Hall, previously Associate Creative Director at Elephant
Jess is intensely thoughtful, inquisitive, curious, and always supremely creative! I worked closely with Jess for two years, and she became one of our team’s “rocks” - always dependable and sunny, ready to take on any challenge that presents itself. What’s most wonderful about Jess is that she is as detail-oriented and conscientious as she is creative - an infrequent find in the creative field. Her projects always arrived with big ideas and original perspectives - plus on time (or early), proofed, and with all the legwork done. She would be an asset to any team who’s looking for great storytelling and an all-around great person to work with.
— Allison Ford, Associate Creative Director at SEPHORA
Jess is a talented copywriter, with a focused vision for ensuring her and her team’s work delivers impact against business goals. Jess stands out in that she holds herself and her team to extremely high editorial standards while simultaneously obsessing over metrics and the performance of her team’s output. Jess would be an asset to any organization that holds itself to very high editorial standards. Alternatively, she would also be undoubtedly successful in establishing a younger organization’s editorial point of view and guardrails.
— Madeline Cronin, Organic Growth Manager at thredUP
Jess is THE BEST. A rare and potent blend of creativity, vision, and leadership that I feel lucky enough to have worked for and learned from over the past year. I learned much from her: how to be with people, what it means to communicate with clarity and transparency, and how to move through challenges with grace. She is constantly asking: “How can we make this better?” while finding actionable ways to make it happen. It is this grasp of both the big picture and the critical detail that allows her to set her team up for success. I especially appreciated the kindness, integrity, and humanity she brought to the work environment.
— Kris Seto, previously Freelance Senior Copywriter at thredUP
Jess has an intuitive understanding of creative trends and it shines through in her copy. Her sharp attention to detail, strong organization and solid presentation skills make her a catch in the Editorial world. She is the rare writer that can produce great copy and present concepts and campaigns persuasively. As a manager and teammate, she has high expectations of herself and her team, and she challenges projects to reach their full potential and asks her team to do the same. When she tackles a project, it’s managed with professionalism and a sense of purpose.
— Mimi Kuehn, previously Senior Writer at SEPHORA
Jess is an incredible copywriter with a wide breadth of style and expertise. Working with her felt seamless, as we worked together on a variety of projects during our time at an agency together. She’s well seasoned and capable of taking projects from start to finish without oversight from a CD. She possesses the initiative and want to take work from good to great and approaches each project with that passion. It was fun working with her and I don’t doubt that she’d be a wonderful addition to any team.
— Monique Wray, previously Senior Visual & Motion Designer at Elephant
Jess is a writer who consistently pushes to find a smarter, more impactful solution to any editorial problem. She takes initiative in thinking through a problem from different angles, and knows how to add layers of subtlety, wit, and polish to her writing.
— Jenna Kaminsky, Senior Digital Designer at SEPHORA
Jess is a great writer and businesswoman. She’s the kind of creative who thinks strategically and works on deadlines well; all while delivering great final product. I loved working with her as her PM on many projects!
— Matt Gates, Marketing Program Manager at SEPHORA

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