Jess Blumensheid
Writer | Editor | Nomad



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This covert experiential design agency was originally created by former executives of HUGE to work with Apple. Founded in 2015, the agency has picked up a few other Silicon Valley tech clients along the way. I was the copy lead on a long-term platform project for Apple, as well as some of the top brand pitches for the agency in 2016. I can't say much about what I did here, but here's what I can tell you...

  • Elephant copy lead on long-term platform project for Apple
  • Created editorial style guide to streamline content production
  • Helped build an effective team by assisting in creative hiring process
  • Followed aggressive deadlines to edit and proofread daily updates for a team of 30 writers
  • Increased readership and improved click-through rates with SEO keywords and strategy 

In 2016 the Comcast client wanted to create exclusive streaming content that would warrant the likes of millennials in their 20s and 30s. What resulted was Watchable Exclusives, a collection of original series that helped increase Comcast's mobile traffic by 40% month over month. I helped write content for display ads and preroll videos for some of the premier shows. 

Anyone who has worked with Jess knows that she is a consummate professional and is exceptionally passionate about her craft. Her ability to keenly grasp both the overarching visions as well as the minute details allow her to consistently deliver thoughtful, elegant and thoroughly meaningful solutions.
— L.A. Hall, previously Associate Creative Director at Elephant